Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your site or blog

The process of creating and improving the sites or blogs search engines to fit the search engines (SEO) is an easy and simple process, but it must be taken into account during the development of the site, or blog, then evolve later constantly with the addition of different content, which is also a process you need to follow up constantly. This entry deals with the basic instructions that you use it to improve the appearance of Search Blog or website

Content is the key

Find the various distinctive and unique content deal more about the superiority of the copied content and refined engines, in addition to the good content wins the largest number of posts on social networking sites means your reach to a broader segment. Always be wary of a repeat of the same content on more than one page, and the copied content from other sites. And make sure that the unique and distinctive content production is the first step to improve search site or blog engines. You can learn more about search engine optimization by knowing digital marketing course syllabus from techstack.

Use the site managers tools

Prefer to use existing sites in Google and Bing managers tools, and not just Google workers only, especially if your site contains English, will provide you these tools, a wide range of options that will help in improving the appearance of your website or blog in the search engines, as it will reveal to you any existing or errors you will find multiple proposals to improve archive search engines to your site. After using it, you will notice the evolution of archiving your website or blog in the search engines.

Create a Sitemap

A sitemap is a file from which you can insert Web pages from your site and ask Google and other search engines how to organize your site content. Web crawlers and take in a search engine such as Googlebot read this file to make intelligent creep into your site.

If you are using a content management systems Drupal and you'll find many other add-ons and accessories that are producing Sitemap without the need for technical expertise you have. Or you can create your own, see the help pages from Google. This point is very important in search engine optimization.

User Experience

Mark your website or blog is easy to use, easy to access and navigate between your pages positively impact not only on the impression your users but also to archive your website or blog and search engine optimization. Patron of the following:

- Do not use the included page within the page (Iframe)

- As much as possible reduced the size of the page (Page Size) in that you can use images with small sizes and reduce / BB CSS shortcut you use.

- Try to completely dispense with Javascript and Flash and reduced as much as possible the use of Ajax

- Test create a copy of your site or customized smartphone blog, if you were not to have the capacity to do so you can use one of the free services deployed on the Internet, if you are using WordPress or Drupal for example, in your administration you'll find many responsive templates that suitable for phones, computers and tablets.

Written by : Mahmoud EmadElerian